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The Wenonah Fire Company is a 100% volunteer organization. Each of our members, including all officers serve without receiving compensation. We rely solely on the dedication of residents to maintain our force. We need you. If you're interested, stop by on a Tuesday night for a zero commitment tour and info session.


Member Benefits

  • Satisfaction of serving your community and building relationships with others in the fire company.

  • Free Training

    • Gloucester County Fire Academy is under the umbrella of Rowan College. You can receive credits for certain programs.

    • Training certificates awarded for various classes.

      • Firefighter I&II

      • HAZMAT Awareness

      • CPR/AED

      • Rope Rescue

      • Vehicle Extrication

  • LOSAP Program

    • Retirement fund provided by the taxpayers of the borough.

    • Point system for runs, drills, fundraisers, training, etc.

    • 75 points = $1,000 deposited each year into Lincoln Financial Retirement Fund.

  • Membership in Wenonah Firemen’s Relief Association and NJ State Firemen’s Association

    • Local organization can provide financial assistance in times of hardship.

    • After 7 years of dedicated service, your family will receive a substantial death benefit upon your passing.

    • Other end-of-life or extended medical care options available.


Some FAQs

Is the firehouse always staffed with volunteers?

No, fire company members are alerted from home or work when a 911 call is placed. Gloucester County communications sends alert tones to our voice pagers, a notification comes through on our personal cell phones, and the station siren is activated (daytime).

In circumstances where severe weather or other significant event is foreseen, the Chief may request members to staff the station for short periods of time.

Is the firehouse owned by the town?

No, the firehouse is owned by the Wenonah Fire Company, Inc. We maintain the firehouse with funds raised by generous donations from residents and our fundraising activities like hoagie sales and the 4th of July. Most of the firefighting equipment, including the apparatus, are owned by the Borough and paid for out of the municipal budget to be used by our members. 


Why do I see Wenonah fire trucks going to other towns?

The backbone of the local fire service is mutual aid. There are no communities in Gloucester County that are completely self-sufficient to handle an all-hands fire alone. Municipalities have entered into mutual aid agreements that empower the county to send resources where needed. Some stations have automatic aid built into the system to ensure adequate staffing is maintained, and to provide additional equipment. Wenonah has had a historical relationship with Woodbury Heights for decades and the two fire companies provide assistance to one another on a regular basis. It is a mutually beneficial system that provides the best care possible for our residents and upholds the safety of our first responders.

Is the Chief paid? He has a take home vehicle.

No, the fire chief is a volunteer like all members. The Command Vehicle is used by the Chief for responding directly to fire calls without needing to go to the station first. He is then able to assess the situation and provide orders for first arriving units.

I see the fire company responding a lot, are there really that many fires?

The fire service has evolved over the last half century. Today, responding to fires are only a fraction of our activities. In addition to structure fires, we respond to:

  • Motor Vehicle Crashes

  • Automatic Fire Alarms

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Fumes Investigations


  • Illegal burning investigations

  • Water/Ice Rescue

  • Tree and Wire Hazards

  • Police Assists

  • Cardiac/Respiratory Arrests

  • EMS Lift Assists

  • LDH Strike Team Assignments

  • Cover Assignments


Every Tuesday
7:00 PM

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